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Photography and Art Essay -- Technology Essays

Photography and Art In the United States today, innovation is exceedingly imperative to a lot of the populace, regardless of whether it is a methods for correspondence or a guide for national security. Innovative gadgets and phrasing are omnipresent and have become a piece of regular day to day existence. Out and about, numerous drivers can be discovered talking and jabbering ceaselessly into their mobile phones. At conferences, numerous officials will introduce introductions in PowerPoint, while others will write down notes in their Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs. Numerous individuals have their own sites on the Internet, and significantly more individuals impart through electronic mail. Travelers can be found snapping shots of scenes and structures with computerized cameras or recording the landscape with advanced camcorders. There is no limit to the quantity of instances of how innovation has contacted our lives. This exposition will depict the advancement of the computerized camera and computerized craftsmanship as a portrayal of the advanced world, since the computerized world is excessively enormous of a subject to incorporate in one article. Two impacts on the improvement of advanced photography and craftsmanship are late-Victorian development of the hardware of data association and Modernist visual structures. Notwithstanding, it isn't adequate to stop with these two powers, for cutting edge advanced projects have additionally assumed a key job in the molding of computerized photography and craftsmanship. Inside the setting of the current mechanical age, computerized photography has been created, changed, and brought into the lives of ordinary individuals. In some shape or structure, photography has significance to everybody. At its least complex level, photography permits individuals to recall their pasts and to impart encounters to other people. To a few, it is approach to see ... ...6. Further Developments. <> 7. Hoy, Anne H. Creations: Staged, Altered, and Appropriated Photographs. New York: Abbeville Press, 1987. 8. Manovich, Lec. New Media from Borges to HTML, 2001. <> 9. Marshall, Alfred. Standards of Economics, Book IV, 1890. <> 10. Stevens, Harold. Plan in Photo-Collage. New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1967. 11. The Impact of Early Photography. <> 12. The Invention of Photography. <> 13. Venn, John. On The Forms of Logical Proposition. 1880.

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Sigmund Freud and Freud Hank

Fardad Muhammad Baig 2014-02-0338 Personality Theories Uzma Mazhar 1) What character (or character) type does Hank show as indicated by Freudian hypothesis? Give proof to your answer. At what stage is Hank focused, as indicated by the Freudian point of view? Discover proof of obsession for the situation study. What may have caused this obsession? As per Freud Hank’s shows the Oral Aggressive character type. This character type is portrayed by begrudge, control of others, and dubiousness. ‘Oral aggressive’ individuals are regularly seen as jealous, critical, pessimistic, snide, disdainful and contemptuous.Hank sees others as shallow and is mocking about others. Hank is focused at the oral stage. Orally-focused individuals regularly look for satisfaction through smoking, thumb-sucking, nail-gnawing and biting items like pens and pencils. Hanks resort to smoking and eating when he is pushed. This obsession happens because of his mother’s overprotectiveness. Hi s mom used to satisfy his needs immediately. This brought about his propensity for moment satisfaction which couldn't be satisfied sometime down the road. His mom use to quiet him down with cookies.This is me was a spotless sign that he had reliance issue towards his mom. The mother didn't teach her child which can lead him to have unbalance perspective. Subsequent to perusing the contextual investigation, I accept the mother is part to fault for Hank’s obsession since he was ruined into an egotistical individual, without him in any event, taking note. 2) Would Freudian hypothesis portray Hank's eating and pugnacious practices as being inside or remotely spurred? Clarify the inspiration. Freudian Theory will portray Hank’s eating and factious practices as being inside motivated.His propensity for eating is an indication of obsession at the Oral Stage because of which he falls back on over the top eating and smoking when he is in pressure. His factious nature communicat es his discontent towards others on the grounds that these individuals didn't give him as much consideration as his mom did. He, along these lines, resents others. As a kid he was presented to quick satisfaction by over the top taking care of. These confirmations show that these practices were inside inspired. 3) Find a case of a Freudian a Freudian barrier instrument that Hank utilizes in this depiction. Clarify it.Hank propensities estrange individuals, including Sally. In any case, when Sally left him Hank felt that she parted ways with him on account of his weight issue and afterward he proceeds to reprimand her for her shallowness. He is ‘rationalizing’ here. He is concentrating on other explanation while the genuine issue exists in him which he isn't happy to acknowledge. 4) Find a case of relapse for the situation study. Clarify it. At the point when Hank pondered the earlier week he felt pushed. To bring down his pressure he begins eating the frozen yogurt. Afte r this he begins smoking which likewise causes him to lessen the strain. This is a proof of regression.In a condition of pressure Hank relapses back to the Oral stage and looks for satisfaction through over the top eating and smoking. 5) Would a Freudian specialist see Hank's weight issue as a social issue, all by itself, or as a side effect of another issue? Clarify. A Freudian Therapist would see Hank’s weight issue as a side effect of his obsession at the oral stage. Rather than facing an unpleasant circumstance Hank relapses back to the oral stage and looks for moment oral satisfaction through smoking and eating. This is the reason for his weight issue. It is additionally conceivable that his weight issue can be tended to as a conduct problem.Children figure out how to carry on in a specific way by watching others. Since Hank's didn’t have any companions, he couldn't gain from others. 6) What helpful methods would a Freudian advisor, similar to the one for this sit uation study, likely use? What condition of awareness would be the focal point of the treatment? What gets recuperating Freudian treatment? A Freudian Therapist will utilize the restorative method of Free Association for Hank’s treatment. Therapy accept that individuals are regularly tangled between their need to find out about themselves, and their (cognizant or oblivious) feelings of dread of and protections against change and self-exposure.Hank’s will be permitted to discuss anything he wishes however this will lead him to discuss the things which matter to him the most. This will affect an excursion of co-disclosure which can improve Hank’s coordination of thought, feeling, and selfhood. The obviousness will be the focal point of the treatment. The specialist will attempt to cause Hank to understand his shortcomings so he can chip away at them. In Freudian treatment, or analysis, mending happens when subdued contemplations and emotions are acquired to cogniz ance. This permits the patient to build up a more grounded self image and resolve inside clash.

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Hot and Cold Holding Essay

All possibly perilous nourishments, aside from those readied for guaranteed utilization by a benefactor, must be kept up in a way that forestalls the development or improvement of microscopic organisms. When holding nourishments for administration, for example, on a smorgasbord line, keep hot nourishments hot and cold food sources cold. Hot-holding gear must have the option to keep nourishments at 135Â °F or higher. Cold-holding gear must have the option to keep nourishments at 41Â °F or colder. Hot-Holding Guidelines When holding nourishments for administration, watch the accompanying: Stir the food at customary interims to convey heat uniformly all through the food. Keep food secured to hold warmth and shield potential contaminants from falling into the food. Utilize a food thermometer to quantify the food’s inside temperature at regular intervals. Dispose of any hot food following 4 hours on the off chance that it has not been kept up at 135Â °F or higher. Never utilize hot-holding hardware to warm nourishments. Nourishments must be warmed to an inside temperature of 165Â °F and afterward moved to the hot-holding hardware. Never blend newly arranged food in with nourishments being held for administration as this could taint nourishments. Cold-Holding Guidelines When holding cold nourishments for administration, watch the accompanying: Protect all nourishments from conceivable tainting by covering them or utilizing food shields. Utilize a food thermometer to gauge the food’s inside temperature at regular intervals. Make remedial move at whatever point the temperature of a cool food thing goes above 41Â °F. Never store food things straightforwardly on ice. All food things, with specific exemptions, ought to be put in container or on plates when shown. Ice utilized for a presentation ought to act naturally depleting, and all skillet and plates ought to be purified after each utilization. At whatever point managing sketchy hot-holding and cold-holding rehearses, consistently resolve the issue for sanitation. It is smarter to dispose of possibly risky nourishments than hazard your customers’ wellbeing and security. One approach to abstain from disposing of an excess of food is to get ready and cook just as much as you will use in a brief timeframe.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Research Assignment - 3850 Words

Digital Marketing Strategies Research Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: Digital Marketing StrategiesAssessment 1Tutor name: Liz MeechStudent ID: UP676875 ContentExecutive Summary..P.31. Introduction.........................P.32. Digital Experience P.72.1 Dominos Pizza Mobile app P.82.2 Social Network P.9#Golden pizzaP.10X Factor in-app advertisingP.102.3 Customers online communication.P.113. Conclusion..P.124.Reference..P.13 Executive summary In this report, investigate at Dominos Pizza existing digital experience, which they provide to their customers. The report will begin with situation analysis of Dominos Pizza and the environment it operation in by using SWOT analysis and Ansoff matrix (Ansoff, 1957)etc. The report would provide the example what is the digital experience the organization provides to their customers. Also, evaluate each digital experience which they applied and discuss how well it meet the likely marketing goal of the Dominos Pizza and the needs/behavior of its customers. The report draws attention to any digital expe rience of Dominos did recently. They are Dominos Pizza mobile app, social network campaign and customers online commination. Result of data analyzed show that they have many download rate of their mobile app and provide a more convenient way to let customer make order. Further investigations reveal that they doing well on reply any different type of customer response. Try to gain more loyalty and develop a good customer relationship. Moreover, point out a poor performance activities on social network, which is on Instagram.The report find prospect of the company in its current position are positive.To maintain their leader position in the market. Dominos has once again differentiated itself in the market through the digital experiences.1. Introduction Dominos pizza is a fast food restaurant that selling pizza, many different kind of snacks and desserts. Their target customers are children and youth form middle and adult. Also, there market position is Pizza market with best quality and services.According to the article for the guardian (Farrell, 2014), Domino's has 26% of the UK pizza market, just ahead of the longer established Pizza Hut at 25% but with much greater dominance of the growing delivery market (Farrell, 2014).Therefore, Dominos is the market leader of the pizza delivery provider at the moment in UK.The mainly competitor of Dominos Pizza in UK is Pizza hut, in the early years of business, pizza was the only item on the menu at Dominos. Side items were never considered a part of the menu. Remaining sensitive to competitors and allowing competition to affect product pricing is a classic trait of a market follower (Kotler Anderson, 2008). Dominos was eventually to add snacks and some desserts in their menu. In addition, they have made the 30 minutes delivery guaranteethat pizza hut did not. That gets an advantage to attract customers to buy their foods. The SWOT analysis is essential in determining the organizations competitive positions as far its marketing strategies is concerned (Godfrey, 2009).The figure 1 shown the SWOT analysis for the Dominos Pizza.StrengthHuge popular brand name and high brand loyaltyHigh number of productsquick service and quickest delivery promise (30 minutes delivery guarantee)Leader in online mobile ordering.Strong brand equity supported by heavy advertising marketing campaigns.Global franchise operations - more than 3,500 in over 50 countriesWeaknessHigh fat and high calorie food not good for health conscious peopleHigh staff turnover due to lack of training and developmentImprove efficiency and home delivery service.OpportunityIncrease sale from mobile application (Guedon, F., Ozturk, S., Mc Guninness, D, 2011).Mobile shopping is popular now, more order made through the mobile appMore online sales promotion due to internet is wild use these day moreThreatsIntensive competition from a fragmented number of small competitorsChanging consumer habits towards healthier food choices.A bad cu stomer experience is no longer shared between a close-knit group of family and friends. (Guedon, F., Ozturk, S., Mc Guninness, D, 2011).Blogs or social website can influence buying decisions and become a threat to the Dominos brand.Figure 1: SWOT of Dominos PizzaThrough performing the analysis, better understanding of Dominos for different views of the future, the new strategies can be evaluated and strategic risk can be assessed. It is clear that the scenarios above will differ between worst-case and best-case scenarios. An alternative way of thinking through the strategy goals. Is to review the Ansoff Matrix (Figure 2) of Ansoff (1957) who suggest to assessing online strategies for manufacturers and retailers. Ansoff matrix is also fundamental to marketing planning and it can help companies to think about how online channels can support their marketing objectives/goals.Figure 2: Ansoff matrix (1957) By using Ansoff matrix, Dominoes can be defined as Market Penetration. This str ategy involves using digital channels to sell more existing products into existing market (Chaffey, 2009). Next, the report will indicate the main strategygoals in which internet can be used for market penetration. First, Dominos can increase customer value by decreasing the price like online discount or coupon during order and at the same time increasing purchase. These combine effects could increase the sales and increasing the customer profitability in the same time. Second, customer loyalty improvement is one of the critical strategy goals of Dominos. Dominos can increase their value to the customers and increase the loyalty by adding value to existing products, services and the actual brand by developing the online value proposition. To come out the result is make the customers to their products more often. Furthermore, engage Dominos existing customer via social media like Facebook, Twitter to raise awareness in the pizza market that try to grow more customers across all socia l channels. For the most important part is to increase the market share. Although Dominos already has 26% of the pizza enough but that is not mean, they are in the best position. So Dominos can compete more effectively online if they have that for achieving sales growth for maintaining sales by great online marketing communication techniques, such as digital experience. 2. Digital ExperiencesThis part will show what is the digital experience of Dominos provides to its customers. Also, evaluate each digital experience which they applied and discuss how well it meet the likely marketing goal of the Dominos Pizza and the needs/behavior of its customers. Digital experience is important for organisation to think about what type of experiences that they want to deliver to the customers through digital technology like the website, social media, and mobile app or email that effect to engaging the customers. It is important that digital experience reflect to online brand experience (Rowley, 2004). In addition, online brand experience use digital channels provide the opportunity to enhance the frequency and depth of interactions with a brand (Chaffey Ellis-Chadwick, 2012).Figure 3: Three main types of customer perception (Bodine, 2012)In figure 3 shown that how to evaluate the digital experience. There are three way to see is the campaign going effective. Firstly, is how useful does the experience, to found out is the customers get the new sound of it and is it effectively meet the customers needs. Secondly, is how easy to use its experience with the organisation. For example, is the digital context on the website is easy to place an order? In addition, the last one is how enjoyable the experience is. For example, the customers enjoy to doing business with organisation. According these three key areas is it useful for the organisation to evaluate their digital experience.2.1 Dominos Pizza Mobile appDominos mobile app is one of the most critical digital experience acti vate for Dominos. In the app, customers can place their order and find the nearest store for delivery. In addition, customers can use the mobile app to redeem any vouchers to get their best meal deals. In addition, they can track their order through the app as well.In figure 4 sho...

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Characteristics Of A First And Second Language ...

Over the past decades, a variety of approaches have been proposed to explain the phenomenon of language acquisition. These models were influenced by variety of disciplines and research directions, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, etc.; therefore, the models relate to linguistic development in various ways. One of the most striking differences between the approaches is the perception of the place of heredity and environment in the process of acquiring language, but as we shall see each approach gives them a different weight and importance. In this paper we describe three approaches to acquire first and second language: Behaviorism, Innatism and Social-interactionist. During the work we will try to understand the characteristics of each approach; how they differ from each other; advantages and disadvantages; and what aspects from each theory that we should combine in our class. Behaviorism By the end of the fifties of the twentieth century, it was widely believed that children learn their mother tongue by imitating and practicing the speech of their parents and people in their environment till it becomes a habit. Ivan Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, the founders of this approach, argue that the language is learned behavior in a similar way to learning other behaviors and it done by mechanisms of conditioning classical and operant. Classical conditioning is the relation between a natural response and stimulation, so the most important factor in thisShow MoreRelatedHow Languages Are Learnt3034 Words   |  13 PagesLecture 1 How languages are learned? 1. Popular views about language learning. 2. How children learn their first language: a) the behaviorist position; b) the annalist position; c) the â€Å"critical† period hypothesis; d) the interactionist position. Every few years new foreign language teaching methods arrive on the scene. New textbooks appear far more frequently. New methods and textbooks may reflect current developments in linguistic/applied linguistic theory or recent pedagogical

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Decision Modeling Analysis And Analysis - 1386 Words

Decision Modeling Analysis â€Å"Business these days is all in the numbers, as franchises tap into the power of big data to customize marketing, select locations and manage staffing. These are the companies leading the charge† (Daley, 2016, p. 133). This is how today’s world works. However, just simply collecting data is not enough. What do you do with it, and how do you turn it into something meaningful? Competition is fierce, and being wrong is never a good option. Using terms like I think, hopefully, and that is the way we have always done it, is a good first step to going out of business and the unemployment line. Using proper business analysis techniques with reliable data will increase the likelihood that a prediction, or a†¦show more content†¦Once a decision has been made (hopefully utilizing probability), the different outcomes can be displayed with their probability of occurring. For example, A business is wanting to develop a new product with the highest profit margin p ossible. The initial options are a cheap, midrange, or a high-quality product. Each has their own fixed material and labor cost. The first step in the decision tree is to determine the feasibility of making a profit at all. If after marketing samples are done and a low chance of success is determined, then the product should be abandoned during this first step. Otherwise, an option can be chosen. We will say that the mid-range product was chosen as the best option due to demand and cost. Next, it should be determined how well this product will sell, and how much product, or market share will be needed to be profitable, and by how much. Imputing this data into Excel or Precision tree can result in an expected monetary value which is the weighted average of all these choices (Albright, Winston, 2017). Distribution and Uncertainty. Distribution, as in probability distribution, take probability one step further. In the previous example of rain, there is only two possible outcomes. Either it will rain, or it won’t. Unfortunately, most decisions are not that simple. Sometimes there are several choices to make, and the cheapest one is not always the best option. Probability distribution doesn’t necessarily present aShow MoreRelatedSpeadsheet Modeling Decision Analysis 5e: Chapter 3 Solutions4520 Words   |  19 PagesChapter 3 Modeling Solving LP Problems In A Spreadsheet 1. In general, it does not matter what is placed in a variable (changing) cell. Ultimately, Solver will determine the optimal values for these cells. If the model builder places formulas in changing cells, Solver will replace the formulas with numeric constants representing the optimal values of the decision variables. An exception to this general principle is found in Chapter 8 where, when solving nonlinear programming problems, theRead MoreData Analysis Golf Course Design1491 Words   |  6 Pages2013 Decision Modeling Assignment: Golf Course Design CO 5124 Data Analysis Decision Modeling Tutorial : B By Madhumita Srinivasan (12772343) Submitted to Dr.Eddie Chng 1 |CO5124 DATA ANALYSIS DECISION MODELING INTRODUCTION Paradise Palm Golf Club, a well established golf club in Cairns, has planned to expand its operations by building a brand new golf course in Townsville. As the success of the golf course largely depends on the extent to which the users find it enjoyable, FutureRead MoreBusn312 Hw1A963 Words   |  4 PagesHomework 1a Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. B 1. The essence of decision analysis is: |a. |breaking down complex situations into manageable elements. | |b. |choosing the best course of action among alternatives. | |c. |finding the root cause of why something has gone wrong. Read MoreIntroduction Of Data Mining I - Cis 5081218 Words   |  5 Pagesinformation: 1. Decision Analysis and Optimization 2. Predictive modeling 3. Predictive Search 4. Transaction Profiling 1. Decision Analysis and Optimization Decision analysis refers to the quantitative field that deals with modeling, analyzing and optimizing decisions made by ecommerce organizations. Applications include tracking key performance indicators, optimizing supply chain management, uncovering hidden sales opportunities and determining runaway operating costs, etc. Decision analysis analyzesRead MoreThe Cost Effectiveness Of A Drug Or Treatment1291 Words   |  6 PagesExample decision tree analysis from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology [Ademi] One current method of studying cost effectiveness is called a decision tree analysis. It is used to illustrate a decision-making process for quantifying and comparing health strategies in terms of health effects and costs. Use of a decision tree allows users to explicitly view assumptions and inputs. An example of a hypothetical decision tree is showing in Figure 1 [Ademi]. Branches in the decision tree representRead MorePredictive Analytics And E Commerce And Internet Based Services Industry1722 Words   |  7 Pagesinformation: 1. Decision Analysis and Optimization 2. Predictive modeling 3. Predictive Search 4. Transaction Profiling 1. Decision Analysis and Optimization Decision analysis refers to the quantitative field that deals with modeling, analyzing and optimizing decisions made by ecommerce organizations. Applications include tracking key performance indicators, optimizing supply chain management, uncovering hidden sales opportunities and determining runaway operating costs, etc. Decision analysis analyzesRead MoreScenario Analysis : The Gap Between Science And Decision Making877 Words   |  4 PagesScenario analysis Scenario analysis explores trajectories of change that diverge from present conditions, ultimately leading to alternative possible future states or events. In so doing, it provides a dynamic and flexible way to evaluate policy or management options. Scenarios are not predictions or forecasts; but rather, they are ‘‘plausible and often simplified descriptions of how the future may develop based on a coherent and internally consistent set of assumptions about driving forces and keyRead MoreHow Models Can Be Beneficial For Sustainability Science?1042 Words   |  5 Pagesranging from economics to biology. They aim to apply parameters to a phenomenon and provide an analysis of the responses by the system that is being modeled. A model is a good way to project the future feedbacks of a system in order to better plan and build policies regarding the discipline it regards. In sustainability science, a model has the ability to provide information that will lead to the best decis ions regarding the longevity of environmental systems and how to go about ensuring the sustainabilityRead MoreSystem Analysis and Design1287 Words   |  6 PagesSystem Analysis and Design Syllabus SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Module 1: Data and Information (3) Types of information: operational, tactical, strategic and statutory – why do we need information systems – management structure – requirements of information at different levels of management – functional allocation of management – requirements of information for various functions – qualities of information – small case study. Module 2: Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle (3) Requirements determinationRead MorePredicting Preferences1636 Words   |  7 Pagesmathematical topic involving probabilistic modeling. Indeed, the mathematician Karl Pearson said in 1907 that the fundamental problem in statistics is prediction. Prediction, however, is usually not an end goal itself, but rather means to put probabilistic bounds on the relative frequency or likelihood of occurrence of future uncertain events so that strategies or actions can be taken incorporating these prediction s. Risk management needs predictive analysis, as does economic regulation, engineering

Macbeth and the Clothes that Make the Man free essay sample

In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, Shakespeare uses clothes as a metaphor throughout the play. The symbolism of clothing helped emphasize the change of power in Scotland, the change of opinions, and how the new change did not â€Å"fit† properly. From Macbeth being â€Å"dressed† with a new title as Thane of Cawdor, to Lady Macbeth pointing out Macbeth’s changed attitude towards killing Duncan while he dresses, through the other character’s perspective of Macbeth as king, the imagery of clothing is everywhere. Through out Act I, Scene III, the imagery of clothing is predominant and shows a change in title. As soon as Angus tells Macbeth that Macbeth has a new title as Thane of Cawdor, he says, â€Å"The Thane of Cawdor lives. Why do you dress me / In borrowed robes?† (1. 3. 110-111). He simply cannot believe that the prophecy that the three witches had predicted had come true and he questions his new title. We will write a custom essay sample on Macbeth and the Clothes that Make the Man or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When Angus explains why Macbeth is receiving this new title, he also, unintentionally, foreshadows Macbeth’s future: Who was the thane lives yet, But under heavy judgment bears that life Which he deserves to lose. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But treasons capital, confessed and proved, Have overthrown him. (1. 3. 112-114, 117-118) When Macbeth receives his new garments, he also receives the previous Thane of Cawdor’s traits. The change of Macbeth into â€Å"borrowed robes† starts Macbeth’s change into a murdering monster. The instant Macbeth becomes Thane of Cawdor, he cannot stop thinking about killing Duncan so he can become king. Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, plan to kill Duncan; however, Macbeth comes to a point where he realizes his thinking is madness, and he cannot kill Duncan. He tries to convince Lady Macbeth of his new thinking by giving her â€Å"three quite different reasons for not going ahead with it, reasons which he hopes may appeal to her† (Spurgeon 128). He suggests that maybe they should not do this for they were just given â€Å"Gold opinions from all sorts of people, / Which would be worn now in their newest gloss, / Not cast aside so soon† (1. 7. 33-35). Macbeth suggests that their new title should be worn like clothes that have a new gloss, or â€Å"superficial lustre† (OED). Lady Macbeth, greedy for power, will not hear of her husband’s change of opinion. She quickly rebuts by saying â€Å"Was the hope drunk / Wherein you dress’d yours elf?† (1. 7. 36-37). She starts criticizing Macbeth for quickly changing his opinion just as quickly as he changed his clothes. Lady Macbeth quickly wins the argument and convinces Macbeth to kill Duncan. This scene of the play shows that by Macbeth simply changing his clothes, he changes his mind and his state of being. After he kills Duncan, Macbeth rapidly changes into a control, power-hungry, mad man. Even though Macbeth at first feels as if he has murdered the â€Å"Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care† (2. 2. 35), the sleep that straightens out the â€Å"entangled† (OED) sleave of care, he quickly gets over it just as quickly as he changes his â€Å"borrowed robes†. From the moment he becomes king, he starts to lose control and respect of the people in his kingdom. Right before the English troops attack Dunsinane, Caithness and Angus talk about Macbeth’s tyrannical reign. Caithness comments about how Macbeth has lost so much control that Macbeth†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ cannot buckle his distempered cause / Within the belt of rule† (5. 2. 15-16). Angus agrees with Caithness, by saying that Macbeth’s title â€Å"Hangs loose about him, like a giant’s robe / upon a dwarfish thief† (5. 2. 21-22). Angus and Caithness both realize how Macbeth does not â€Å"fit† properly in his â€Å"borrowed robes†. They see that the title of being king is too much for him and that he should have his title taken away. In conclusion, Shakespeare’s use of clothing imagery in Macbeth helps symbolize the changes happening within the play. The emphasis of clothing throughout the play shows the audience how important and big all these changes are. Even though the changing of clothing is important on the stage, the changing of clothing in this play is more important than ever before.